Manage the entire equipment lifecycle by initiating returns, replacements, and upgrades at a click of a button

October 19, 2022

Manage the entire equipment lifecycle by initiating returns, replacements, and upgrades at a click of a button

With on-platform returns, replacements, and upgrades, we’re equipping IT and HR administrators with the tools and infrastructure they need to maximize productivity for their employees across the entire employee journey. Firstbase empowers you to manage the entire equipment lifecycle–starting but not ending with great onboarding–so you can deliver the best employee experience at all times.

Not having the proper IT equipment is draining employee productivity and morale

When it comes to keeping employees productive, having laptops that are working properly is foundational. A recent Intel report found that 43% of employees spend two to three hours a week fixing IT issues, which amounts to roughly $3,165 of wasted productivity per employee per year. In addition to productivity, being equipped with up-to-date technology is a crucial driver of employee engagement and morale. More than half (57%) of employees say that working with outdated technology moderately or majorly affects their job satisfaction. You can’t afford to provide less-than-delightful employee experiences, especially as three in ten employees say they would likely look for a new job due to their workplace's outdated technology.

Why managing the entire equipment lifecycle matters

Throughout the employee journey, there are multiple equipment cycles that need to be managed well as they can either make or break employee productivity and morale. That’s why at Firstbase we’re excited to announce the release of on-platform returns, replacements, and upgrades. With this robust set of features, customers are now able to initiate complex workflows at the click of a button. And the best part is… once initiated, Firstbase takes care of the hard, physical operations process from retrievals, grading, repairs, redeployment, and more.

Some of our early adopters have already seen the benefits of on-platform returns, replacements, and upgrades:

“We had no solutions available for our fully remote company, without hiring a dedicated employee to deal with shipping things out of their home. Firstbase provided a fantastic solution by storing, managing, and shipping equipment to all our fully remote team members.
Firstbase has saved us hundreds of hours dealing with equipment ordering and returns. We've been able to focus on projects that mean more to the company, on both the HR and IT ends.”
Caitlin Nielson, People Operations Manager,

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Used equipment preferences are just one of the many capabilities that Firstbase enables when you transform your end user computing and remote worker equipment process. If you want to see how to drive this sort of transformation, request a demo.

The Firstbase platform enables companies to manage the entire employee equipment lifecycle from onboarding through offboarding. Firstbase combines SaaS workflow automation and visibility including asset tracking with world-class physical operations, including supply chain, logistics and IT end user computing. Gain efficiencies, boost retention and productivity, and empower your best workforce.