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People and organizations around the world are talking about Firstbase.

Firstbase's $50M Series B

Firstbase's $50M Series B

“…companies with hybrid workforces are using Firstbase to get hardware to in-office workers as well as those who work from their own digs.”

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Firstbase's $50M Series B

The Work-From-Home Shift Shocked Companies—Now They’re Learning Its Lessons.

“Some companies are spending big to equip workers stuck at home, especially knowledge workers…Before March, there were 600 companies on Firstbase’s waiting list, now there are more than 4,000…”

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Firstbase's $50M Series B

it’s been a challenging year for young, venture-backed startups.

“For the eighth year in a row, Forbes teamed up with TrueBridge Capital to search for the country’s 25 venture-backed startups most likely to become unicorns.…”

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July, 2021

The company that aims to make remote work actually work

“Firstbase began as a fintech startup before it went all-remote in 2018. The company began creating internal tools to track the technology its workers needed, and in late 2019 pivoted to providing remote work service…”

December, 2021

The New Language of the Office, From al Desko Dining to Zombies

“…according to Chris Herd, a technology entrepreneur…’People are genuinely offended about being told they’re returning to work,” he said, “when they’ve been working their socks off for the last 18 months.’”

Why "asynchronous" working is the key to efficiency

“Chris Herd, the founder of Firstbase, a startup that helps firms set up their employees’ home offices, explains the paradox: ‘What we’re seeing today is companies just replicating the workflows and tools they use in an office.’”

August, 2021

They'd rather quit than end the remote work dream

"...many employers aren’t ready to let the office go. A large portion of companies are keeping quiet about their plans, says Chris Herd, CEO of remote work platform Firstbase, because there’s a competitive..."

June, 2021

Jamie Dimon insists his workers return to the office - here's why that's a bit rich

"He [Chris Herd] said he prefers the term 'work communities' over 'corporate culture,' a concept often used to herd the army of clockwatchers back to the mothership."

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The flexible work challenge

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