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Here are what some of our amazing customers are doing with Firstbase
"With Firstbase we can onboard with quicker notice and in a very seamless fashion, globally. We’re able to click a few buttons and ensure our machines are returned, inventoried, and reused with ease. We have saved days of time each month for our IT team. The impact for international shipping and device management alone has been a lifesaver."
"We chose Firstbase as our equipment management solution because they’ve offered the best package of services to suit our needs in our effort to cover all NAM and EU locations. This streamlines the process by both making it more user-centric and adherent to our security requirements."
"Firstbase understands how important procurement flexibility is for its customers. Having the option to either lease, purchase, or supply our own equipment made it easy for us to offload manual tasks to them, freeing up our time to focus on strategic initiatives."
"The Firstbase team was able to build the integration to our HRIS in two weeks, and I was able to set it up in just 30 min. Now we’re able to automatically kick off onboarding as soon as an employee is added to our HRIS, which saves time and eliminates manual errors."
"Firstbase has saved us hundreds of hours dealing with equipment ordering and returns."
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"Firstbase quickly swaps the broken piece of equipment and handles the fixing on the backend. Not a lot of vendors do that."
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"Imaging is yet another thing we have to worry about before the device is even shipped to our employees, so it’s a time-saver that we can rely on Firstbase for remote imaging."
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"We needed a portal that would promote self-sufficiency and be simple enough for users to do it themselves, as opposed to having to go through a ticketing system. The Virtual IT Closet is a time saver."
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"With Firstbase, I can have seven offboards initiating on the back-end so I can focus on all the systems that I need to move data around in."
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"We have managed to save the cost of at least two employees and reduced our IT equipment stock levels by 30%."
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