Fall 2022 Release Webinar Recap

November 1, 2022

Fall 2022 Release Webinar Recap

In our first ever seasonal release webinar, Ian, our VP of Product & Design, discussed how for our Fall Release we're helping you manage the entire equipment lifecycle without the manual hassles by focusing on three key themes. Read below for a quick recap and click here to watch the on-demand recording.

Serving the entire employee journey beyond just onboarding

From the day that you sign up with Firstbase, we help you get your existing employees onto the platform, help them track all of their existing equipment so they can see what everyone has, and give them the ability to start collecting that equipment and servicing it as there’s a need. This includes returns, replacements, refreshes, and offboarding. In our Fall Release you can now upgrade equipment at a click of a button - we’ll ship the upgrade and retrieve existing equipment so it’s ready for reuse. In addition you can now view a snapshot of your orders & returns and see trends over time to improve inventory planning. Click here to learn more about how we help our customers manage the entire equipment lifecycle by initiating returns, replacements, and upgrades at a click of a button.

Reducing end user computing costs and carbon footprint

When it comes to reducing your equipment costs and carbon footprint, our platform makes it easy for you to reuse and extend the life of your equipment. Earlier this year, we launched seamless offboardings where you can schedule offboardings prior to an employee’s last day, giving them a positive lasting impression and allowing you to recover assets fast. In addition, the expansion of our global facilities gives you the ability to extend the life of your equipment, letting us help you manage equipment retrievals, grading, repairs, and storage. In our Fall Release you now have the flexibility and control you need to optimize your used devices with used equipment preferences. Click here to learn how we make it easy for you to control who gets new versus used equipment and when.

Integrating to your systems and automating common workflows

We understand how important automation is to you. Reducing the number of manual tasks frees up your time and allows you to focus on projects that matter. That’s why as part of our Fall Release we’re helping you save time by automating manual workflows such as onboarding and offboarding across your HRIS and IdP systems. You can build your own automations fast by either leveraging pre-built templates such as Okta Workflows or by connecting directly to our Firstbase API. For example, as part of our Fall Release our partners at Enboarder created an integration to connect to the Firstbase API, allowing you to seamlessly kick off and automate the physical equipment outfitting process as part of the digital onboarding experience. Click here to learn more about how this partnership allows you to combine personalized, digital onboarding with seamless equipment outfitting, creating the best onboarding experience for your employees.

Watch our Fall Release on-demand recording to learn more

Our Fall 2022 Release is instrumental in helping you manage the entire equipment lifecycle without the manual hassles. Watch the on-demand recording to see it in action.

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The Firstbase platform enables companies to manage the entire employee equipment lifecycle from onboarding through offboarding. Firstbase combines SaaS workflow automation and visibility including asset tracking with world-class physical operations, including supply chain, logistics and IT end user computing. Gain efficiencies, boost retention and productivity, and empower your best workforce.