ATH with John Winsor

August 2, 2023

ATH with John Winsor

Picture yourself stealing a front-row seat to a riveting dialogue between two tech gurus. Chris Herd and John Winsor. Their dynamic exchange about the future of work is an electrifying fusion of insights and wisdom. Here’s a glimpse into the exchange that unfolded between these two visionaries:

  • The Speed of Change: Today, change occurs at lightning speed, and the future belongs to swift learners and adapters.
  • The Danger of Ego: Being overly attached to old methodologies can hinder adaptability and blind us to emerging opportunities.
  • Surfing Analogy for Businesses: Winsor presents surfing as a metaphor for business navigation. This includes observing market trends, transitioning effectively, and finding the growth sweet spot.
  • Distributed Work – The Future of Work: Emphasizing the rise of distributed work, Winsor suggests that companies need to reduce fixed costs and increase variable costs to stay adaptable.
  • Capital and Readiness: The ability to adapt and seize opportunities requires adequate capital and readiness, mirroring a surfer’s preparedness to catch a wave.

Winsor's narrative offers valuable business insights, helping us navigate the fast-paced currents of change and ride the waves of the future.

super great to talk to you. Good to catch up.

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