ATH with Denise Brouder

August 11, 2023

ATH with Denise Brouder

In a captivating episode, Chris Herd dives deep with expert Denise Brouder, unraveling the intricacies of the remote work era. Picture a bustling office, where spontaneous water cooler chats unveil an employee’s essence. Now imagine its virtual counterpart - quiet, efficient, yet somehow… distant. Denise unveils an enigma: teams are scoring high, yet their sense of engagement wavers. Why? Together, they embark on a journey, exploring:

  • The invisible weight of uncertainty every remote worker bears.
  • The lost art of informal touchpoints and their unforeseen value. 
  • A groundbreaking philosophy where nothing holds solo value, but finds meaning through connections. 
  • The empowering “future work mindset”, and the roadmap to harnessing potential. 

A story of empathy, discipline, and finding our place in a digital realm. Listen, as two thought leaders reimagine the workplace’s future. For a deeper dive, the video and transcript are available below.

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