The 'Remote Work' Dilemma

February 15, 2021

The 'Remote Work' Dilemma

Every company that operated from an office pre-Covid — who has managed to continue operating effectively while forced to work remotely during a global pandemic — will be forced to become a Remote-First organization.

If they don’t they will not survive the 2030's

This is a replay of eCommerce vs. physical retail

In retrospect, the replacement of the highstreet was inevitable. The initial doubt that millions of people would buy most of the things they need online has been proven wrong.

The same things will happen to offices

Companies have realized that remote work works

As a result, spending $15,000-$50,000 per office space per worker is no longer economically viable. Similarly, only being able to hire the best person you can afford within a 30-mile radius disqualifies you from a world of talent remote organizations can access.

The Remote Work Dilemma

Any company that isn’t as remote as their biggest competitor will be less talented, cost-efficient, & competitive — and likely fail as a result.

“But if everyone going back to an office means a draw why wouldn’t everyone go back to the office full-time?”

The risk is too high

If you’re fiercest competitor does not go back to the office you are dead. They immediately become a more appealing organization for the 90%+ of people inside your organization who never want to work in an office again full-time.

At the same time, they become far more efficient. They no longer have to pay for office space and their team is more productive. Their talent pool has exploded in size enabling them to hire the best person globally for every role.

In order to be competitive going forward, a company has to be remote.

If their fiercest competitor is remote-first also, the benefit to either part is negligible. But if you move first and your competitors don’t you have a massive competitive advantage. The compounding benefit of learning how to and being able to operate remotely effectively due to the insights you earn before competitors emerge is huge.