The Fifth Industrial Revolution

December 3, 2020

The Fifth Industrial Revolution

A few years ago, Steve Case wrote what may turn out to be the most prescient overview of where the world was headed. The Third wave predicted and projected the end of the analog age. Replacing it would be a digital world. Not only has that happened in incredibly short order, but it’s also going to continue to happen even more quickly over the coming years

The world is changing rapidly. The future of work and living has accelerated more in the last 6 months than it has in the last 30 years. This is just the beginning

But it won’t be easy. The Problem? This has been hastened by a global pandemic

1. 🏢 Full-time office work is dead:

Companies going back full-time won’t survive Their competitors will be:

  1. More talented
  2. More diverse
  3. More efficient

Office-first companies won’t be competitive rapidly

2. 🏚 Offices die the same bricks & mortar retail did:

Gradually, then almost overnight they’ll disappear

The remote (work from anywhere) vs. office debate today is the bricks and mortar retail vs. eCommerce debate of yesterday

Everybody knows how that ended

3. 🛍 eCommerce has initially declared a fad:

  1. Nobody will buy anything online
  2. Nobody will buy most things online
  3. The majority won’t but things online
  4. Everybody will buy things online

Today, everybody buys almost everything online

4. 🌍 This is the trajectory of remote work:

  1. Nobody will work remotely
  2. Nobody will work remotely often
  3. The majority won’t work remotely often
  4. Everybody works remotely often

Tomorrow, everybody will work remotely often

5. 🏭 The Fifth Industrial Revolution:

90%+ of people don’t want full-time office work again

A foundational shift happening right now. As technology has risen we’ve continued to live in an analog state Covid accelerated us 15 years almost overnight

The world is going digital rapidly

6. 🌐 The future of living:

Remote work isn’t even about the future of work
Remote work is truly about the future of living

Work anywhere
Live wherever

Access to opportunity decentralized