How the Biggest Companies in the World are Thinking about Remote Work

January 20, 2020

How the Biggest Companies in the World are Thinking about Remote Work

A work for home capability isn’t a nice to have

It could be the difference between life or death

Companies everywhere are waking up to this reality.

The capacity for flexibility is one we hear from every company, big or small, we speak to. How can we transform and shift to meet the needs and expectations of tomorrow's job seekers? This has a direct impact on talent, innovation, and diversity.

1. 📉 Reduce Real Estate Spend

Every large company I know is looking for innovative ways to cut real estate footprint by as much as 50%. In reality this means retaining certain offices, transforming them into centers for experience and collaboration, and expecting the worker to attend them 2 days a week while working from home for the other 3. The option they are currently resorting to right now is leveraging co-working spaces to augment their existing capacity.

Companies who have a great remote strategy will be able to cut real-estate spend by $16.4m per 1,000 office spaces they are able to reduce while giving their remote teams the best work at home experience on the planet.

2. 🌍 Remote Advantages

The largest companies on the planet are trying to catch up. Office-first has become synonymous with move slowly and doing the same things we've always done. Remote-first forces a change of perspective if you are to leverage the benefits. Sacrifice the instantaneous gratification of open-plan adult kids clubs and give people the space and isolation they need to do deep focussed work.

Remote-first should mean async-first. Companies who take advantage of the benefits of remote work rather than replicating the disruptive aspects of the office will excel.

3. 🧲 Attract more Talent

The most talented people I know personally all plan to work remotely this decade. This situation has accelerated this and left many of them never wanting to go back to an office ever again once it finished. With an office, you can hire the best person in a 30-mile radius of your physical location. Remotely, you can hire the best person on the planet.

Companies who move first will see their biggest competitors most talented people flock to them in search of opportunity.

4. 👐 Retain their Talent

The best companies I know all plan to hire remotely this decade. This situation has accelerated this as they have all realized that the technology already exists to make it possible and workers are far happier and productive.

Companies that offer remote work to their teams will be able to keep their most talented people for longer because remote workers are more loyal.

5. 🎨 Increase Diversity

Offices are great for certain demographics at specific periods in their lives and terrible for others. It discourages some of the best people on the planet from working by removing their opportunity to do so.

Diversity is one of the most important factors in companies remaining innovative and ensuring they continue to increase the average level of talent within.

How Do I Develop a Remote Strategy?

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