How Remote Work will Save the World

December 3, 2020

How Remote Work will Save the World

Remote work will deliver the biggest quality of life gains of the 2020s. Millions of people will transition from organizing their lives around work to organizing work around their lives.

This is inevitable and will happen rapidly.

The benefits to workers and companies are so great that returning to the office full-time will destroy companies who decide to do this.


🚘 No commute

Wasting 2 hours a day, 600 hours a year, sitting in a pollution emitting steel box is insane.

In less time than my previous commute I workout, read, and eat with my family.

🏝️ Live where you want

Living in a high cost of living city, with a relatively low quality of life, lead to you having no disposable income. Remote work will lead to an unbundling of the city.

Workers will live and work from wherever they want.

🧘 Improve health and well-being

Working in an office makes it difficult to find time to eat well, spend time doing the things you enjoy most.

Remote working let’s you do the things you want to do when you want to do them.


🔑 Access to talent

Office first companies can only hire the best person they can afford in a 30-mile radius of the office. This disqualifies office first companies from 99.9% of the world's talent.

Remote companies will hire the best person globally for every position.

👐 Retention

Companies that don’t let their workers continue to operate remotely after this will lose all their best people to their fiercest competitors who will.

Remote-first companies will keep their most talented people and steal their fiercest competitors most talented people.

💰 Cost-efficiency

It costs $22,000 a year to provide an office space to every worker.

Companies who go remote will cut $20m of real estate expense every year.

What workers need to do great work at home

👔 The right manager – Someone who measure performance based on output

💻 The right software – Slack, Zoom, Loom, Notion, GSuite

🛠️ The right setup – Desk, Chair, Headphones, Microphones, Headset, Screens

The problem for companies?

Setting up a remote worker from home is hard.

It's time-consuming – It takes 6-8 hours to get each workers set up at home

💰 It's expensive – $3,000-$5,000 upfront to provide them with the tools they need)

⚠️ It's risky – There are no good ways to mitigate against the risk of injury at home)

Develop a Remote Work Strategy Instantly

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