Future of Work Roundup - Week of June 12

June 11, 2023

Future of Work Roundup - Week of June 12

Welcome to the Future of Work Roundup. Each week, we bring you five top stories—drawing from the latest academic research and industry trends—to give you an easily-digestible snapshot of how work is changing—and why it matters.

Bridging Tech and Business - The New IT Leaders

The Work Innovation Lab reports on the evolving role of IT leaders in their latest publication. Rather than merely managing data and security, they are now intricately involved in business deals, employee experience, and AI implementation. This article challenges the 'more tech is better' approach and advocates for a nuanced strategy combining data-driven insights, experimentation, and automation.

Whispers of Wisdom - Eavesdropping in the Professional World

The Wall Street Journal article discusses the potential benefits of eavesdropping in the workplace. Eavesdropping can provide insights into company dynamics, colleagues' mindsets, and even workloads, which can be particularly beneficial in a post-pandemic return to the office setting.  

McKinsey's Journey with Generative AI Tools

VentureBeat reports that nearly half of McKinsey's workforce utilizes generative AI, such as ChatGPT. The consulting firm's AI adoption, backed by responsible use guidelines, spans diverse applications and is underpinned by a five-step framework to ensure effective integration.

The Double-Edged Sword of AI and Social Isolation

Insider reports on the increasing use of AI leading to a loneliness epidemic in the U.S., especially among young people. The article highlights the risks of replacing human interactions with AI and advocates for using technology to foster, rather than replace, real-world social connections.

Helicopter Parents Landing in the Workplace

The Wall Street Journal reports the emerging trend of 'helicopter parents' in the workplace post-pandemic, sparking concerns over their adult children's professional independence and the blurring of work-life boundaries.

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