Future of Work Roundup - Week of July 24

July 24, 2023

Future of Work Roundup - Week of July 24

Welcome to the Future of Work Roundup. Each week, we bring you five top stories—drawing from the latest academic research and industry trends—to give you an easily-digestible snapshot of how work is changing—and why it matters.

Productivity vs. Flexibility: Workday Breaks in the Office vs. Remote Setting

The Wall Street Journal discusses the work behavior of remote and office workers. explores how remote workers utilize breaks for chores or exercise, while office employees often browse the internet. Despite slightly higher productivity among office workers, remote employees appreciate their work-from-home flexibility.

Hybrid Work Models Bring Smooth Monday and Friday Commutes

The New York Times reports that hybrid work has eased commutes, particularly on Mondays and Fridays. Reduced traffic and public transport use are making journeys quicker and more pleasant.

AI's Hidden Human Cost: Trauma among Kenyan Contractors

The WSJ reports on the traumatic experiences of Kenyan workers developing AI technologies, igniting debates on worker protection and outsourcing practices in the AI industry.

AI's Limitations Exposed in DeepScribe

The Wall Street Journal highlights that AI startup DeepScribe requires human intervention to correct its AI's errors in transcribing medical records, despite its high valuation and extensive clientele.

Job Loss Shouldn't be a Secret - Strategizing Your Next Career Move

CNBC reports that career experts advise against hiding job loss when seeking a new role. They suggest creating a plan, leveraging your network for job leads, and discussing the situation professionally on social media and during interviews.

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