Future of Work Roundup - Week of July 10

July 10, 2023

Future of Work Roundup - Week of July 10

Welcome to the Future of Work Roundup. Each week, we bring you five top stories—drawing from the latest academic research and industry trends—to give you an easily-digestible snapshot of how work is changing—and why it matters.

Can Threads Unravel Twitter? An Analysis of Meta's New Challenger

NPR reports that Meta's new social media app, Threads, has quickly amassed 30 million users in a bid to rival Twitter. Despite this rapid growth, the platform faces hurdles including data privacy concerns and broader tech industry slowdowns. The app's success may ultimately depend on cultivating a user culture that avoids the self-censorship seen on other platforms.

The Underrated Career Catalyst: Taking Your Time Off

The Wall Street Journal article conveys an empowering message: vacations are more than relaxation, they're pivotal for career progression. Fear of falling behind often leads employees to skip their much-needed time off. However, taking vacations has been proven to bolster performance and speed up promotions.

Schools Hire AI-Enabled Robots for Security

The Wall Street Journal article reveals an intriguing development: Santa Fe school district is trialing an AI-enabled security robot. Offering round-the-clock surveillance, this innovation could potentially redefine campus security, raising both eyebrows and curiosity. The full implications and costs, however, are yet to be assessed.

AI Flood: Companies Struggle to Stay Afloat

The Wall Street Journal article reveals a perplexing surge in generative AI tools, or 'co-pilots', leaving businesses swimming in a sea of overlapping features and puzzling security concerns. As the rush to harness this AI trend intensifies, one question lingers - who will emerge victorious in this co-pilot war?

Barbie's Big Screen Transformation: Mattel's Strategic Bet for Succes

Bloomberg reports on Mattel's strategy to revive the Barbie brand with a $100 million film directed by Greta Gerwig. The article explores the challenges and risks involved, such as appealing to diverse age groups and potential brand damage. It also highlights Barbie's cultural significance and Mattel's efforts to modernize the doll for changing beauty standards.

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