Future of Work Roundup - Week of August 7

August 7, 2023

Future of Work Roundup - Week of August 7

Welcome to the Future of Work Roundup. Each week, we bring you five top stories—drawing from the latest academic research and industry trends—to give you an easily-digestible snapshot of how work is changing—and why it matters.

Why Hybrid Work is the Hiring Magnet of the Modern Age

The Wall Street reports that employers offering remote flexibility are hiring faster than office-only counterparts. With the current low unemployment rate, workers are demanding better pay and hybrid arrangements. As hybrid job listings surge, fully remote positions are seeing a decline, highlighting the increasing emphasis on work-life balance.

Stepping into the Future: Using Walking Patterns for Identification

The Globe and Mail reports that researchers are studying how people walk to create a new way of identifying them. Using Stepscan Technologies' tiles, they analyze foot pressure to identify individuals. Amid privacy concerns, data is de-identified, but experts believe biometrics will persist in future security methods.

AI's Bias in Facial Recognition

Insider highlights that AI-powered facial recognition consistently misidentifies Black individuals, leading to false arrests. Despite activist alerts, police departments persist in using this technology, with cases like Detroit's Porcha Woodruff spotlighting its inherent racial biases.

Challenges of Shielding Paywalls from AI Bots

According to Digiday’s article, publishers face challenges in shielding paywalled content from AI bots. Solutions include using robust content delivery networks (CDN) and monitoring bot traffic. Collaboration with AI firms, like content licensing, may offer a way forward.

Running the Leadership Marathon with an Athlete's Mindset

The Work Innovation Lab's recent study reveals striking similarities between top leaders and elite athletes. Leaders excel by focusing on singular tasks, minimizing distractions, aligning tasks with energy peaks, and prioritizing mental health. A notable tip: ending showers with a cold burst can reduce stress. Essentially, top leadership techniques often mirror strategies used by top athletes.

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