CIO Top Priorities for 2024

CIO Top Priorities for 2024

At Firstbase, with our comprehensive IT logistics and asset management solution, are uniquely positioned to support these priorities and ensure teams can focus on strategic initiatives, improve security and automation, bolster employee experience and productivity, and optimize IT teams to meet increasing demands. In this post, we’ll summarize how Firstbase assists with each of the top 10 priorities. 

1. Gain stronger control over data

By automating asset lifecycle management, Firstbase ensures data from IT assets is securely managed and utilized, addressing CIOs' need for stronger data control and enabling better decision-making through analytics. 

2. Balancing Innovation with Operational Excellence

Firstbase's platform facilitates this balance by streamlining IT operations, freeing resources for innovation while maintaining the "lights on" through efficient asset management and logistics solutions. Firstbase handles employee IT onboarding and logistics, device imaging, device retrievals, laptop refreshes, and IT offboarding, removing trips to Fedex, chasing laptops from departed employees, and ensuring devices are refreshed, repurposed, or recycled. 

3. Cybersecurity Fortification

Offering physical device security and comprehensive IT support, Firstbase aids in fortifying cybersecurity measures, a crucial aspect of today's IT leadership. Companies like Finfare have leveraged Firstbase’s IT asset registry to ensure they could meet the controls and receive their ISO27001 certification. Firstbase also assists in meeting physical device controls for PCI compliance, GDPR and CCPA, NIST, and SOC II on a global scale. 

4. Fostering Talent Development

Through its emphasis on technology and innovation, Firstbase supports CIOs in developing a high-performance IT workforce ready to tackle future challenges. By minimizing time on remote IT support and resource requirements focused on IT Logistics, our customers like New Relic, Productboard, Sprout Social, and Matillion are all able to spend more time on strategic projects to bolster security, increase automation, and empower their employees to do their best work.  

5. Accelerating AI Adoption

Firstbase’s platform integrates seamlessly with modern AI and analytics tools, enabling businesses to leverage AI for operational efficiency and innovation, aligning with CIOs' priority to harness AI's potential. Moreover, the time commitment to develop AI strategy, ensure controls are in place, and develop new solutions is aided by removing time spent procuring, provisioning, and retrieving devices - every trip to FedEx or UPS that is removed goes back to AI and enables IT teams to tackle the challenges associated with AI adoption. 

6. Boosting Digital Acumen

Firstbase's solutions help organizations enhance their digital infrastructure, aligning with the goal of sharpening company-wide digital skills and acumen. While many companies use various VAR and Resellers to equip distributed teams (CDW, SHI, etc), integrating to MDM solutions (JAMF, Kandji, Jumpcloud, Intune) and IAM solutions (Okta, OneLogin), or ERP and HRIS providers (Netsuite, Workday) ensures streamlined integrations to automatically ensure that new employees are equipped with the right equipment on the first day. 

7. Addressing the AI Talent Shortage

By automating routine tasks via device lifecycle management and centralized hardware asset management, Firstbase allows IT teams to focus on high-value, strategic work, mitigating the impact of AI talent shortages. 

8. Strengthening Data Governance

Firstbase’s asset management capabilities provide robust data governance, ensuring data integrity and compliance across the asset lifecycle. IT Asset Management is centralized and systems integrated to ensure the organization has a full picture of current devices, enables planning their next device refresh, and gives finance a clear picture of inventory management. 

9. Enabling Value Creation

Through efficient management and automation of IT assets, Firstbase contributes to creating value, allowing CIOs to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives. We see most customers like Sprout Social reduce headcount requirements on physical devices and helpdesk, increasing IT support to employee ratios to 150:1 and even 200:1. By improving virtual employee onboarding, be it hybrid or remote, companies have developed engineering practices and provided the same employee experience regardless of where employees are located globally.  

10. Prioritizing Cost Optimization

Firstbase’s services help optimize IT spending by managing the entire lifecycle of business assets, supporting CIOs in achieving cost efficiency and operational excellence. Firstbase serves as an International IT provider when building teams in India, EMEA, Argentina, Brazil, and hundreds of countries around the globe. Firstbase ensures headcount requirements to manage are minimized and costly markups to supply laptops in various regions avoided. 

For more background, watch our explainer video on what Firstbase has to offer found here: