Equip your team in South Africa. Easily.

With Firstbase, you can easily equip employees in South Africa. No more worrying about whether equipment will get there on time for a new workers start date, or how long it will take to fix when things break. Firstbase handles everything for you in 120+ countries.

The average days to get equipment to a worker in South Africa is 10 days.
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Capital City

Pretoria (executive), Bloemfontein (judicial), and Cape Town (legislative)

Official Language

English and 10 other official languages

Equip your team in South Africa. Easily.

Getting equipment to your team in South Africa when you have no one in IT or HR in country is hard. Firstbase makes it easy.

We take away the pain of procurement and ensure your team gets the equipment they need to do great work when they need it.

Firstbase lets you equip employees in South Africa securely, quickly and easily.