Every Office-First Company will be Replaced by a Remote-First Company

Dec 3, 2020

Every Office-First Company will be Replaced by a Remote-First Company

I thought the rise of remote work would happen on the backs of great talent leveraging their power to demand more flexible opportunities as a condition of employment.

My rationale was that companies didn't know if remote work worked.

They were reluctant to try something new which they had no experience with. As a result, there was no incentive for them to experiment with it even if it came with massive benefits.

COVID accelerated remote work by 10 years in 10 days

Having been forced into remote work companies everywhere have experienced the benefits.

As a result, the driving force of remote work will be forward-thinking companies who see being flexible as a massive opportunity to build more resilient businesses.

Companies who go back to the office full-time will be replaced by companies who don't. The reason is simple: office first companies will be unable to attract and keep great people and they will be economically unviable.

Why companies should Never go back to the office:

📍Fixed Location

A physical office means you can hire the best person you can afford in a 30-mile radius, disqualifying you from 99.9% of the world’s talent.

Remote teams can hire the best person they can afford on the planet.

⭐Great Talent

66% of workers want to work remotely right now. 99% of workers want to work remotely at some point in their careers.

Companies that go back to the office full-time will lose their best people to their fiercest competitors.

🚦Changing Preferences

The smartest people I know personally ALL plan to work remotely in the next decade.

The most interesting companies I know personally ALL plan to hire remote workers in the next decade.

💰Real Estate Cost

Office-first companies spend $22,000 on average, per workplace, per person

The best remote setup on the planet costs $2,000 per year, coffee included.

Remote is $20k less a year, per team member

🚨Asynchronous Fist

Offices are instantaneous gratification adult kids clubs where it’s impossible to focus and do deep work without distraction.

Remote gives you the optimum workspace you need to do your best work.

⌛Output over Time

The metric bad middle managers use to measure performance is time spent in the office.

Remote work is about how much work you get done focussing on productivity.

Why workers will never want to go back to the office


The ability to organize work around your life rather than life around your work is the most liberating change in work history. Remote work lets your team work when they are most productive, setting the schedule that suits them to do their best ever best work.

Life-work balance replaces work-life balance.


Asking your boss to go to a doctor's appointment is like sending a note to the principal to get out of school. Life doesn't have to be a continuation of childhood.

Workers do the things they need to do, while still getting their work done.


Wasting 25 total days of your life each year sitting in a pollution emitting steel box is a massive waste of time. Working remotely immediately gives you all this time to use however you wish.

Workout, read, and eat with family IN LESS TIME than your previous commute!


Working 40 hours a week in an office while having to waste 10 hours a week commuting limits how much time we can spend with the people we care about most. Our main social contact comes from people selected by our bosses hiring policy.

Remote work lets me have deeper meaningful relationships with people chosen by us.

🧘Health & Wellbeing

Offices are terrible for our health and wellbeing. Traveling to a location to use equipment designed to be used anywhere on the planet is insane. We become sedentary, sat in front of a screen all day or in the transport that gets us there, then have no time for anything else.

Remote lets you run at lunchtime to recharge, take time every day to focus on personal development, and eat more healthily than you ever could before.

💰Lower Cost of Living

Big cities come with a high cost of living which leads to low disposable income. This limits what we can do with our money because we have less of it to spend.

Remote work lets you live anywhere, increase your disposable income and have a far higher quality of life as a result.

Going back to the office full-time is strategic suicide

If you are an office-based company with no competitors today you will have remote-first competitors tomorrow who steal your best people. They will hire more talented people than you could ever access and they will be more cost-efficient than you could ever become.

Remote work is the most important strategic decision companies will ever make. Developing a remote working strategy is the most important thing you could do right now to guarantee your company is competitive going forward.

How can I develop a remote work strategy instantly?

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