10 Reasons Why Companies need to Go Remote-First Now

Mar 3, 2020

10 Reasons Why Companies need to Go Remote-First Now

Remote work has accelerated by 10 years

Companies everywhere have experienced the benefits of remote work and shouldn't go back to the office full-time. Those who transition to remote-first will dominate the next decade. Those who don't will be replaced by companies who make the move first.

Here are 10 reasons why:

1. 💰 Cost-Efficient

Companies will save $22,000 a year per worker for each person they allow to work from home full-time. For 1,000 person companies, this will cut $22m a year from their expenses.

2. 🌍 Access Talent

Office-first companies can only hire the best person they can afford within a 30-mile radius of their office. Remote-first companies will hire the best person on the planet.

3. 😱 Retain Talent

Companies who refuse to give remote working opportunities to their workers will lose their most talented people to their fiercest competitors who will.

4. 🎨 Increase Diversity

Offices are great if you are a certain age, color, orientation, and gender. Remote working is great for everyone. Remote-first companies will build the most diverse teams in history.

5. 📈 Increase Productivity

Remote workers are around 15% more productive doing the same task than office workers.

6. ⚠️ Disaster Continuity

Companies have been paralyzed by COVID-19. The boards of the largest companies in the world will demand their companies to develop the capacity for remote work immediately.

7. 🚦 Future Workplace

The smartest people I know personally all plan to work remotely in the next decade. The most interesting companies I know personally all plan to hire remote workers in the next decade. Remote will be the dominant workplace of the best companies and people.

8. 🏢 Reduce Footprint

The biggest enterprises globally will cut their office footprint by 50% in the next 6 months. They'll let their teams work from home 2-3 days/week, from the office the rest of the time. Companies who don't do this will become economically uncompetitive almost immediately.

9. 📢 Focus impossible

Offices have become instantaneous gratification distractions factories where it's impossible to do deep focussed work. Remote work gives every worker the space and isolation they need to do the best work they've ever done.

10. 🚀 First-mover Advantage

Most things don't come with a first-mover advantage. Remote work does. Companies who move first get all the above benefits immediately while their competitors become less competitive with every passing day.

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