Simon Pearce talks to First Base about Striving for Social Value through development

We are proud of our work and what we have been able to deliver to date at the Edward Street Quarter, supporting the delivery of over £250,000 worth of social value in just several months – and all despite the pandemic and the impacts of Covid-19.

Strive Development is pleased to be working with McLaren and First Base, on the Edward Street Quarter development.  Together we have aligned our objectives, to improve local outcomes through the Social Value Portal.  By working in partnership, we have identified local initiatives that will benefit most from investment.  By embedding social value into the operational delivery of the development we are able to monitor progress and importantly be transparent, throughout the process on to collectively meet the goals set from the outset.

These goals include apprenticeships, work experience, training, mentoring, and employment support.  We have made provision for those that are most disadvantaged in the community, for instance local residents with a disability.  We are also making a commitment to provide employment for those that are NEET (not in employment, training, or education), those that have been unemployed for twelve months or more and rehabilitating young offenders.

These commitments include helping local people into the required training to work in construction, an offer of employment and ongoing in-work support to ensure they sustain their careers.

For local residents that are currently working on-site, there is the opportunity to be up-skilled, to gain additional qualifications, to help them advance in their chosen career and potentially increase their earning potential.

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