Silvertown hosts NLA Summer Academy students

As members of the New London Architecture (NLA), we were honoured to spend time with young people who are currently taking part in the NLA Summer Academy.

As they arrived at Silvertown in the Royal Docks, their interest in architecture or planning was evident as they researched the history, asked probing questions and looked ahead into the future of this neighbourhood.

They were enthralled by Millennium Mills, the 500,000 sq ft flour mill that is being brought back into active use as part of the plans for the 62 acre site. The young people imagined how they would revitalise the building from a design and architecture perspective and what types of uses the various spaces could accommodate.

The young people shared their experience of the Summer Academy explaining that throughout the week they had met professionals from across the industry, listened to advice on their future careers and worked as a team to respond to a design brief creating their own ideas for Millennium Mills..

Their work will be presented tonight (28/7) at the New London Architecture in Store Street.