Promoting Diversity Through Dynamic Procurement

Our £175m plans for Bristol Soapworks will deliver new jobs, homes and social spaces, supporting the city’s economic recovery at this crucial time.

Aligned with Bristol’s vision for an inclusive and sustainable recovery, the Soapworks will also generate up to £200 million in social value, from local jobs and training opportunities, support for small businesses, health, wellbeing and environmental improvements.

As part of this approach to delivering genuine and tangible long-term benefits, First Base have partnered with local community organisations, Black South West and Cognitive Paths, to support diversity through procurement.

The collaboration will promote more inclusive and accessible supply chains, maximising opportunities for local organisations – from the construction of Soapworks, to its operation.

A particular focus will be the 240+ black-owned organisations within the immediate vicinity of Soapworks, who have been identified by Black South West and Cognitive Paths as prospects for growth and support through procurement and business development opportunities.

First Base are founding signatories of the Bristol Property Inclusion Charter and look forward to delivering upon our commitment to diversity in Bristol and beyond.

We believe our industry is enhanced by celebrating diversity and will continue to work towards a more inclusive society, especially as we look to ‘build back better’.